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Lalita Mathur

Hindustani Classical Vocalist

Smt. Lalita Mathur is an accomplished Hindustani Classical Vocalist from the Mewati Gharana. She is senior disciple of Pandita Tripti Mukherjee at the Pandit Jasraj Institute in Edison, NJ, under whom she has been training for over a decade. Having a rich voice and an excellent hold of rhythm, sets Smt. Mathur apart from her contemporaries.

Smt. Mathur is a very senior and popular AadyaGuru at the Pandit Jasraj Institute. She has been awarded as ‘Aadya Shree’ by the Institute. 

Indian Classical Music School

Indian Classical Music School

"Shruti Sangam" is a Hindustani Vocal Music school which is been around for two decades now. It was established and founded by Smt. Lalita Mathur in the year 1999.


Smt. Lalita Mathur is an ardent vocalist and a faculty of Pandit Jasraj Institute of Music & Artistry, USA(PJIM). Hence Shruti Sangam is affiliated to the PJIM. It follows and teaches Hindustani vocal music with Mewati Gharana Style of music.


The school caters to students of all ages from kids to adults. It provides a beautiful foundation and continuous learning to all the students. Classes are conducted weekly and there is a constant guidance from the teacher Smt. Lalita Mathur.The school provides a great opportunity to all its students to perform during the  School annual program conducted regularly each year, there by allowing them to showcase their talent. The students of the school participate in many competitions and cultural programs conducted across US where in individual attention is provided by the teacher.


Smt. Lalita Mathur also provides training to the students to appear for various music related exams conducted by Pandit Jasraj Institute. In the past students have successfully passed these exams with distinction.


Shruti Sangam hence is a great place to start the musical journey of the Hindustani Classical music for kids and adults. It not only unfolds the traditional nuances of Hindustani Music but also serves as a torch bearer of Indian Musical tradition in USA.

Edison, NJ

Copenhagen, Denmark

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